Biogas Plants

We help investors & project owners to develop, design, build, commission and operate their biogas plant project successful and profitable

We build biogas plants from the first concept to turn-key.

If you want to have a biogas plant, which

  • has highest biogas yield
  • can process even the most difficult feedstock as straw, Napier, EFB, slaughterhouse waste, etc.
  • is easy to operate

then the SLP High Performance AD plant is perfect for you.

We achieve these results by mocking the cow digestion. The paunch of a cow is our Batch Hydrolysis Tank. In this tank we break down the hardest fibre and can cope the highest organic loads from slaughterhouse waste.

With this front-end Batch Hydrolysis Tank we created a 2-stage digestion system (cow digestion) , while most of the biogas plants run on single stage (pig digestion)

Cattle have 4 stomachs - and can digest cellulose

Pigs have only 1 stomach - and can only digest starch, protein and fat

We design and build biogas plants since 1995.

SLP built more than 50 plants in 14 countries on 4 continents.

The capacity range is from 10 kW to 4 MW.


Hier Fotos von der Container-Anlage und Gorge Farm


SLP 2-Stage Biogas Plants with Batch Hydrolysis are ideal for

  • Pomace from fruit juice factories to cope with the acidity
  • Palm oil waste to crack the EFB fibres
  • Napier grass to digest the fibre and even part of the ligno-cellulose
  • Cocoa factories to digest the husk
  • Slaughterhouse to digest the waste and manure
  • Rice straw, grain straw, maize straw

SLP BlOG - Because Biology Matters in your Biogas Plant